Ed Kaminski

As a result of this extensive focused experience in his executive search ​​specializations, he is highly capable to consistently deliver significant value to all phases of the talent acquisition process.



1. Before contractually engaging his services, Ed thoroughly assesses the viability of  the assignment with his clients,  to try to best determine where the desired skillset/experience can be found. Does it require a search outside of the directly related industry sectors into peripheral areas ? Will we run into non-compete impediments with some candidates ? Will we need to find candidates with blended skillsets/experience to meet our needs. ? How much will it cost to attract/land an “A” level candidate ?...... What will be the primary and secondary search strategy?

2. Once engaged, Ed will actively collaborate on constructing an accurate, appropriate and attractive position/opportunity description. As a highly ​​experienced industry specialist, he often has gathered insight on the perceptions of his client’s company from prospective candidates, and has a valuable perspective on the most marketable aspects of his client’s company and position/opportunity.

3. Ed personally executes all approach and introductory phone calls to prospective candidates and sources, and sends initial emails customized around what he believes may be most attractive to the prospective candidate and/or source, based on their profile. This is possibly the MOST important part of the search process where Ed is known to add significantly more value to the process than the great majority of his competitors who most often delegate this time consuming prospecting to less qualified research associates. Many of the best candidates have multiple opportunities and require expert motivation to explore a new opportunity, and many potential sources of other talented execs are much more likely to refer good candidates to an exec search professional they either know already, know people in common with, or just sound knowledgeable and professional on the telephone. If this phase of the exec search process is executed with a high level of expertise, it results in having many more good candidates to present to the client before the rest of the process reduces the pool,  and it ultimately  will SIGNIFICANTLY increase the probability of a successful search.

 4. Ed closely collaborates with his client during the often lengthy but essential interview/evaluation phase of the search, and often has close contacts who may know a candidate well, which can be very helpful in evaluating them when possible. He also often has valuable input when his client is strategically organizing the “who and when” of the interviewers.  Ed believes in frequent contact with the candidate and client representatives throughout this phase of the process.  It is important that Ed and his client’s representatives are communicating a consistent message to prospective candidates to maintain top notch integrity. It is also imperative to probe the interest level of the candidate at every logical point in the process to minimize the possibility of a surprising late candidate withdrawal or rejected offer, for reasons that could have been un-earthed previously. When a possible relocation is involved, Ed has tremendous experience tactfully probing many potential often personal challenges facing candidates, to avoid last minute surprises.

 5. Ed is most capable to lead or assist in checking references, and is especially skilled at discovering what prospective candidates actually contributed to their previous employer’s goals and accomplishments.


6. Ed is highly reputed for his skills and experience in offer strategy, compensation negotiation/intermediation. This is another critical phase of the process that can be very challenging, and especially complex if the desired candidate has multiple offers.  Even with twenty plus years experience, Ed is dedicated to constantly learning more and improving his skills in this area.


It has become clear to Ed and his clients that the countless nuances, known challenges and more obscure potential pitfalls, characteristic of the executive search process, provide a landscape that only the most skilled and experienced professional can navigate successfully and consistently. After many years and completed assignments, even the most skilled and business savvy exec search professionals must be dedicated to constant improvement, or their success rate will be compromised. Ed fully embraces this mission, and by the way, is not planning on retiring yet for many years.

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Ed Kaminski has successfully completed over two hundred fifty retained executive search assignments for information services/software/data analytics/consulting/e-commerce ventures in North America and Europe, and consequently, is widely considered an industry leading exec search specialist.

​Over the last twenty plus years, his practice has continually evolved to address his client’s strategic needs, diversifying it’s vertical applications, and responding to technologies that transform businesses, and the optimal skillsets required to lead their functionalities.

​Ed has a vast resume of reference ready work across a broad spectrum of positions; primarily searches for senior and middle management with high concentrations in sales, m​​arketing, finance, product management, product
development, GMs (with full p/l),  as well as many  blended roles with related skillsets within these integrated functions.